To Rug or Not To Rug….

That is the question I get asked a lot.  And I gotta say, it’s probably one of the easiest (for me) to answer.  I love rugs….they are warm, inviting.  They tell a story in their colors, in their weaves, in their patterns.  I am a huge fan.  Love me some really good rugs!

But recently I have been opting out of using them in dining spaces.  This is a less traditional approach to the norm…usually a dining room has a beautiful table and chairs, gorgeous chandelier, draperies and a really amazing rug.  But as people’s needs have changed, so have their homes.  I have very few friends who keep a traditional dining room anymore.  A first floor play room is much more functional than a place to sit and eat but once a year.  So on the occasion that I am asked to design one, I perseverate over every tiny detail, including the rug.

The last few projects I have designed, I have chosen not to include a rug in the dining room.  While the argument can be made that a rug warms the room and without it, it looks bare. I feel that a bare floor is beautiful. The window treatments can be their own statement and the table and chairs with the chandelier can create that warmth.  Sometimes I even choose to invest in different chairs instead of a rug to create a whole new look.  I always try to remember it’s more about who is around the table and what you are eating than what is covering the floor!
I have attached a few pics from some of the dining rooms I have done…they are rugless, bare floored beautiful rooms.  I will share more from the house in Nantucket when I install next week and then from Palm Beach project when that installs later next month.

Dining Room

Above is a really traditional older table that came with really high backed dark wooden chairs. It was a heavy look for a beach house. So we opted for the Ikea lucite chairs which added a more modern feel.  No rug.  Just really lovely white linen sheers at windows.

Meg Dining Room

This client came from a very traditional space…mahogany table and traditional chairs, mahogany sideboard, large crystal chandelier.  We opted for a more clean and sleek look in her home with a nod to the traditional.  We kept her table, updated her chairs, removed the sideboard and went for an open shelving unit.  We switched the crystal chandelier for a simple drum with two similar sconces.  And at the windows a very pretty awning strip silk with some embroidery on very simple rod.  No rug.  Showing off those beautiful hardwoods!